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HIFEK roof extractor

HIFEK roof extractor

Roof extractors and smoke extractors are used in offices, business centers, objects of industrial, public and civil purpose.

The HIFEK roof extractor is available in nine standard sizes, providing a max. volume flow of 5 m2/s and a max. pressure rise of as high as 750 Pa.

HIFEK has a three-phase 1-or 2-speed motor as standard. Up to size 09, 1-speed motors can alternatively be single-phase, allowing speed control by means of voltage regulation, whereas three-phase 1-speed motors can be frequency-controlled from 12 up. HIFEK roof extractors are delivered including the motor and, on request, including a safety switch (available as an accessory) ready wired and connected.

The casing of the HIFEK roof extractor is put together by crimping and is provided with a hinged base plate which facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the duct and the extractor. Installation accessories are included.

The easiest way to install a HIFEK roof extractor is to use a HIFEP mounting stack, made of hot-dip zinc coated steel sheet (standard) and thermally insulated with mineral wool. The mounting stack is equipped with vacuum dampers and cable entry tubes.

Standard HIFEK roof extractors have a casing made of hot-dip zinc coated steel sheet. By special order, the casing can be made of class M3 materials and provided with sound insulation.

Table 1. Standard size of roof extractors.

The HIFEK roof extractor is available in eight standard sizes (look Table 1 "Standard size of roof extractors"

Koja's production plants are situated in Tampere and in Jalasjärvi. Modern and flexible production techniques enable the continuous development of products and quality.

HIFEK roof extractor

HIFEK roof extractor

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