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Air Handling Unit Future

Air Handling Unit Future

Koja company provides the widest and most versatile selection of air handling units in the market, allowing to pick up the best decision almost for any area.

The computer program of selection of air handling units "Future" series allows to choose economic installation on a power consumption for the certain project, to carry out all calculations and to transfer data to design program.

Future - an all-purpose air handling unit.

The air handling unit Future is the answer to the increasingly tough requirements set by the market and authorities. This high-quality industrial product is the result of a carefully worked-out design, consistent quality assurance, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

The most important feature of Future is that it is suitable for practically any imaginable air handling purpose. The wide Future selection includes an air handling unit with a suitable size, flow rate capacity and component combination for every application.

Carefully selected components, incomparable mechanical, thermal and flow properties, and conformity with the design and tightness requirements of CEN standards are a guarantee that Future comes up even to the highest customer expectations.

High quality indoor air

The purpose of air-conditioning is to keep the indoor air quality at a high level, which means clean air, and agreeable temperature and humidity conditions. It is essential that indoor air is dustfree and odourless, that the occupied zone has a constant temperature and no draught, and that humidity keeps at a comfortable level through the seasons.

The target values used in the design and construction of an air-conditioning system are also the guarantee values of the indoor air quality.

To succeed, a HEPAC project requires expertise not only in the design and execution but also in the selection of the required equipment. Equally important is that there are instructions for service available, to ensure high indoor air quality at all times during the operation of the equipment.

Quality of products and actions - an important factor in indoor air quality.

The air handling unit Future has been designed with a great emphasis on factors having to do with indoor air quality.

To ensure continuing cleanness of indoor air, the casing of Future is double-sealed, and filters are tightly sealed to the mounting frame so that the degree of filtration keeps high at all times.

The fastenings of section components are so constructed that they do not gather dirt, and that they can be cleaned during maintenance and service.

On the modern production lines of the new production plant in Jalasjärvi, Finland, volatile lubricants are used to make sure that the products do not cause the supply air to have any odours, gaseous impurities, or particles that could affect the indoor air quality.

Products are packed in durable, tight material for transportation and storage at the construction site.

The target values used in the design and construction of an air-conditioning system are also the guarantee values of the indoor air quality.

High-quality indoor air

Air Handling Unit Future

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