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Koja systems:

ECOFAN - process fans (axial-flow and centrifugal)

ECOFAN - process fans (axial-flow and centrifugal)

ECOFAN process fans are used in technological processes of manufacture and in ventilation.

Koja produced the first industrial fans back in the 1940's. At the time, we were pioneers and used plenty of our own energy to develop industrial fans, which are now used in products to save energy for our clients. Our experience and continuous R&D give us the basis to respond to requirements in the 21st century.

The characteristics and quality of our fans go hand in hand with economical energy consumption. The possible uses of our centrifugal fans have increased over the decades and they now provide versatile and functional solutions in various industries.

Our everyday production techniques consist of modern robots and automatic sheet metal working equipment. We make the most of the efficiency of contemporary technology and the know-how of our personnel.

The benefits resulting from high technology are passed on to our clients as high quality products. Our axial-flow fans are state-of-the-art products in terms of construction and energy consumption. Our strict quality targets in terms of both design and production are key factors in the reliable functionality and length of service of the fans. Naturally, our services also include after-sales support and secure and quick delivery of spare parts.

Strong body and axial-flow fans flexible blades Ecofan® APS series are made of hot galvanized steel and the impeller of cast aluminium. The blade angle is adjustable to make the operating point easy to optimize.

  • Adjustable blades
  • New adjustability and sound technology
  • Materials: refined steel to conventional steels
  • Direct drive or enclosed V-belt drive
  • Sizes 400...1600 mm

Industrial fans

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